Wednesday, September 5, 2012

0 Inspirational Quotes for the Classroom

Hope everyone is having a great first few days back. Just wanted to blog a little about how I have been decorating my classroom. I keep finding so many cool things on Pinterest and there's not enough room on my walls for everything I want to put up! Like I said this is the first year I've actually gotten to decorate for real. I like to use quotes from literature since I'm an English teacher. I've put up a few and I keep finding other ones I want to use! I also like to put up humorous things to show my students my fun side. Here are some that are in my classroom now:

Harry Potter!

Hanging on the door...haha

Hunger Games! Some students recognized this the first day!

Of course...T Swift


I'm sure I will find tons more...just actually find some from my favorite book To Kill a Mockingbird that I have to put up.  What quotes do you have in your classroom?


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