Wednesday, February 1, 2012

0 Reward Point System for Motivation

Lack of motivation and effort is an ongoing issue in my classroom. Students have no intrinsic motivation to do well- sometimes it seems like they simply don't care. This is due to a combination of social and cultural factors. I have been trying to combat this problem with lessons that have a lot of transitions, material and lessons that interest students, and something new I just introduced which is the points- rewards system.

Students have to earn a check by exhibiting good behavior and in turn can redeem these points for rewards. Students have to receive a check in all four categories to receive any points for the day. They can receive 2 points per day. We'll see how it works! More is explained on the actual worksheet featured here:
How the attendance/behavior Record Works

Having good attendance, being on time for class, and behaving on task all helps our classroom run smoother. You can now earn points for this behavior. Earning points will allow you to receive different rewards based on number of points. Each day a total of 2 points can be earned. In order to earn your 2 points, you must earn all four checks on the grid for that day’s class. If you come to class on time and prepared, however you put your head down, you earn no points. If you participate and have good behavior, but you were unprepared, you earn no points. You cannot earn partial points. If you are absent for any reason (illness, skipping, family emergency), you cannot earn any points for that day. If you do not bring this paper to class, you cannot earn points.

Here is how you can earn a check in each of the categories:

On time- be on time for class. Even if you are late with a pass you do not earn this check (unless it is a one-time thing).

Prepared- You have something to write with, your TKAM  book and packet, notebook, and attendance and participation record. Obviously, if you do not have this sheet you cannot earn any points.

Behavior- you earn a check in behavior if at no time during class do I have to address your behavior in terms of talking, staying on task, being rude to other students, and using cell phones of headphones.

Effort- You earn a check in effort for completing work and staying on task; not putting your head on your desk.

Rewards: You may redeem your rewards by approaching me after class, or during independent work time when I am not busy. Once you have used points, you start back at zero. You may use points right away or save them for a larger reward.

4 points: piece of candy
6 points: 5 points on a TKAM quiz
8 points: Free homework pass on an approved assignment
10 points: Receive chapter summaries for one section of TKAM instead of reading the whole thing.  
12 points: Free detention pass
16 points: Receive 2 points on your MP 3 average (can only be used once)
18 points: Use of ipod or MP3 player for one class during independent work (while not reading)
20 points: Exemption from one TKAM quiz

Anyone who has a perfect point score at the end of the marking period will be put in a drawing to receive a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts.

On Time
Points Earned


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