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0 Types of Love Jigsaw

In order to introduce Romeo and Juliet, I wanted to go with a love theme and have students explore different types of love. I designed this lesson when I was down and out after tonsil surgery. My 9th grade classes were put into groups of 5. Each group was given an article on a different type (or counterfeit) of love. Their job was to read the article, make a poster that taught the class what their type of love was, and teach it to the class.
Some of the articles can be found here:

Here are some student posters:

  I don't know why my computer won't let me turn the pictures around.....

While groups were presenting, students had to fill out a graphic organizer as a jigsaw activity. This forced them to listen to the other groups quietly and really made it obvious if a certain group did a bad job teaching. Students were allowed to ask the group questions if they had trouble filling out the sheet. Overall the lesson worked well and students cooperated and enjoyed it. This was the worksheet students had to fill out. It was collected and graded.

Types of Love Jigsaw Activity

There are different types of love and different ways that the media (movies, TV, music) portray what love is. Each group will study a ‘type’ of love and present their findings to the group by making a poster. Each group will take notes on the type of love as the other groups are presenting. You do not have to take notes on your own group’s section.

Type of Love
Notes- what is it?
Is it true love? Why?



Romantic Love & Marriage

Abuse and Manipulation


Unrequited Love


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